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Craig Engwall
Executive Director
Started in January 2015
218-327-1103 ext. 13

Becca Kent Web

Becca Kent
Chapter Coordinator
Started in February 2013
218-327-1103 ext. 11

Bri Stacklie CommunicationDirector
Started in October 2001
218-327-1103 ext. 12

Kim Washburn Web

Kim Washburn
Membership Coordinator
Started in October 2007
218-327-1103 ext. 16

Jean Frank WEb

Jean Frank
Started in May 2005
218-327-1103 ext. 15


Rita Harthan
Warehouse Clerk
Started in May 2005 218-327-1103 ext. 18


Josh Salisbury
Merchandise & Marketing Coordinator
Started in July 2014
218-327-1103 ext. 17

Kim Nelson Web

Kim Nelson
Office & Grants Manager
Started in May 2009
218-327-1103 ext. 14


Gabe Gropp
Administrative & Education Coordinator
Started in October 2012
218-327-1103 ext. 10

Jenny Foley Web

Jenny Foley
Grants Coordinator & Communications
Started in August 2013
218-327-1103 ext. 20


Denis Quarberg

State President

Doug Applegren

Doug Appelgren
State Vice President

Mark Strege2

Mark Strege
State Secretary

Wayne Johnson
State Treasurer

John Erlandson
At-Large Director

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Kim Murphy (2)

Kim Murphy
Region 1 Director

Scott Foley

Scott Foley
Region 2 Director

Brad Trevena
Region 3 Director 

John Edinger
Region 4 Director

Peter Lodermeier
Region 5 Director

Steve Ranallo

Steve Ranallo 
Region 6 Director

Erv Krosch
Region 7 Director 

Dustin Shrouds

Dustin Shourds
Region 8 Director

Mark Burley

Mark Burley
Region 9 Director

Mark Lueck

Mark Lueck
Region 10 Director

Gary Thompson
Region 11 Director

Jim Vogen
Region 12 Director

Region 13 Director
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