MDHA invests in Minnesota’s wildlife and habitat so Minnesota’s hunting heritage will carry on.

Habitat was one of the primary initiatives for the formation of the Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association.

MDHA continues its commitment to habitat through programs such as Conservation Partners Legacy Grants, Lessard Sams Outdoor Heritage Council Grants, Hides for Habitat, the Food Plot Program and the Conservation Seed Program.

Together with partners, MDHA has made over $33.4 million in projects happen IN MINNESOTA!

CONSERVATION PARTNERS LEGACY (CPL) GRANTS – 56 Projects funded for a total of over $3.83 million! Click HERE to learn more!

LESSARD SAMS OUTDOOR HERITAGE COUNCIL (LSOHC) GRANTS MDHA, along with partners have applied for funding from the LSOHC to restore, enhance and protect critical forest habitat in Minnesota!

  • MDHA secured $2.96 million in funding to increase and enhance moose habitat in the NE region of MN. Click HERE to learn more.
  • MDHA was recommended funding for $3.6 million grant to protect forest lands in Cass and Hubbard Counties from being converted to non-forest uses and open them to public hunting. Click HERE for full accomplishment plan.
  • MDHA has applied for $8.3 million to protect forest lands in St. Louis County from being converted to non-forest uses and open them to public hunting. Click HERE for full application.

Hides for Habitat – Since 1985 MDHA’s Hide for Habitat program has collected over 842,000 deer hides and nearly $5.08 million has been generated to help fund statewide habitat projects. Thanks to your help this program works! Click HERE to read more!

State Habitat CommitteeMDHA State Habitat Banquet and a portion of Hides for Habitat dollars raised is managed by a committee! MDHA Chapters apply for 1:1 matching dollars to make money go further! Millions have been spent ensuring MN Habitat!

Conservation Seed Program – MDHA members get seed for food plots at greatly reduced rates! Every spring corn & soybeans are ordered for all members interested!

LCCMR Partnership – Six Phases and HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS SPENT! Click HERE to read more!