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The winter of 1968 – 1969 was a brutal winter in northern Minnesota which prompted a group, which subsequently named itself Save Minnesota Deer, to seek the attention and assistance of the legislature to save the starving deer in Minnesota. Eleven years later, with this groups success, members made a decision to increase their purpose and to create an organization to span the entire state of Minnesota. On June 30, 1980 one such organization evolved – Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) – created by hunters, for hunters.

Over the last 35 years, MDHA has been building our hunting and conservation legacy through habitat, education and advocacy. With nearly 20,000 members throughout the state, MDHA works in Minnesota for Minnesota through our main tenets which include habitat, education and advocacy.


  • Produces public policy positions regarding wildlife and hunting
  • Promotes good sportsmanship, hunting ethics and safe hunting practices
  • Promotes and maintains high quality deer habitat
  • Provides opportunities for deer hunters to meet, share experiences and develop a fraternal spirit
  • Educates hunters and the public on the value of the sport of deer hunting
  • Supports the enforcement of regulations which curtail the illegal taking of deer
  • Supports efforts to increase opportunities for deer hunting on both private and public lands