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2014 Emergency Winter Deer Feeding Initiative Launches – 2.12.2014

After several meetings between MDHA’s President Denis Quarberg, MDHA Executive Director Mark Johnson and the DNR Commissioner’s office regarding low deer numbers and emergency winter deer feeding, DNR Commissioner Tom Landwehr has reversed DNR’s previous decision and has approved an organized emergency winter deer feeding effort for NE MN. Currently, the details are still being drafted. What is for sure is that MDHA will work with DNR to implement the program, coordinate volunteers, work with DNR to identify pockets of deer in winter deer yards, document distribution of feed to the deer yards, and more. MDHA chapters, members and additional volunteers will be at the heart of this effort. Stay tuned for further information. MDHA and DNR will publicize details over the next couple of weeks. Additionally, this website and MDHA’s Facebook will have daily updates on our progress as well as opportunities for volunteers. Please be patient as the feeding effort will probably not begin before March 1st. The logistics of this effort are huge and will take time to implement.

Following is a link to a Mpls StarTribune article regarding the recent turn of events.