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Forkhorn Camp

Click HERE for an MDHA Forkhorn Camp Video!

Minnesota is a state rich in natural resources, but the greatest of our resources is our children. The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association believes that educating hunters is key to perpetuating Minnesota’s outdoor heritage and that the best tool of wildlife and ecosystem education is instilling a greater appreciation for our natural resources in our children. MDHA’s method is Forkhorn Youth Summer Camps.

Since 1985, thousands of youth have attended Forkhorn Camps. MDHA currently collaborates with seven facilities around the state to implement camp sessions for youth ages 11-17. MDHA’s Forkhorn camps have developed remarkably since their inception, but their aim remains the same: youth education.

Most camps offer three distinct levels of Forkhorn Camp which provide actual outdoor learning experiences and hunting and shooting sports activities

Each camp includes all meals, lodging, instruction and use of equipment.  For a complete brochure and to learn more about the camp curriculum follow the brochure link on the right sidebar.



Forkhorn Camp FAQ

Q: How does a child qualify for a scholarship to MDHA Forkhorn camp?

A: To qualify for a MDHA scholarship the child or an immediate family member (parent, grandparent or guardian) must be a current member of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association. Further requirement dependent on your local chapter.

If you are not a member click HERE to sign up today.  Membership does not guarantee a scholarship.

If you are a MDHA member contact your local chapter for a scholarship application.


Q: How do I find out which chapter I belong to?

A: Your local chapter is located on the front of your membership card.  If you do not have your membership card, feel free to call the MDHA State Office at 800.450.3337.


Q: How do I become a member of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association?

A: To apply today click HERE or contact the state office at 218-327-1103 EXT: 16


Q: How do I choose the best camp for my child?

A: Based on your needs, a camp may better suit your child’s learning purposes. To learn more about camp offerings, please follow the link to each camp.