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Entry Procedure & Requirements


To be eligible for entry into the Minnesota Online Big Game Record Database, an animal must
have been taken:

• In complete compliance with Minnesota’s hunting regulations

• All antlers must be Minnesota harvested

• After official measurement, the score must meet or exceed the corresponding minimum
score requirement for  that species category.



• “Drying” Period – Once an animal has been harvested and tagged/registered/processed,
the antlers/horns/skull needs to go through a mandatory drying period of at least 60 days.
Before the drying period begins, it would be appropriate to completely clean the skull plate
(for antlered and horned animals). In the case of bear and cougar skulls, the drying period
can not begin until the skull has been completely cleaned of all flesh and membrane
(either via boiling or a bug box). During this drying period, the antlers/horns/skull must
remain at room temperature and normal atmospheric humidity, in an unaltered state.

• Once the drying period has elapsed, the successful hunter would get in contact with a
member of the Minnesota Official Measurers to make arrangements to have the antlers/
horns/skull scored. The Minnesota Official Measurers are a group of volunteer
Pope & Young / Boone & Crockett trained measurers, in Minnesota, who generously
provide the public service of measuring these animals for entry into the records. A list of
official measurers is available upon request from the MDHA headquarters, or can be found in the
“MN Big Game Online Record Database” portion of this web site.

• If your trophy meets the entry requirements, then you and the M.O.M. Scorer will
complete and submit the necessary paperwork to the MDHA Headquarters. Once MDHA accepts the entry into the records and processes it, the owner will receive a copy of the score sheet and a certificate suitable for framing that signifies the animal has been accepted into the Minnesota Big Game Online Record Database. The entry is then listed in the  database. If a picture is supplied with the entry the picture will be posted in the “Wall of Fame” section of the “MN Big Game Online Record Database” portion of this website.


Entry Materials:

The following materials are to be submitted to the MDHA Headquarters for each animal being
entered into the database:

Original scoring form, completed by a M.O.M. measurer

A field photo (of the animal and the hunter), if available

Entry fee made payable to MDHA:
– $30 recording fee for non-MDHA members (includes entry & 1-year MDHA Membership)
– $10 recording fee for MDHA members

* There is no time limit to when an animal can be measured and submitted for entry into the database.*