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Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) & Outdoor Heritage Fund (OHF)



What is The Outdoor Heritage Fund?

Beginning in July of 2009 Minnesota increased the Sales and Use Tax Amendment by three-eights of one percent. The accumulation of dollars collected from this were split into several categories, The Outdoor Heritage Fund (33%), The Clean Water Fund (33%), Parks and Trails Fund (14.25%) and Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund (19.75%). For more information on this Constitutional Amendment click HERE.

The Outdoor Heritage Funds are the responsibility of the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council; a group of 12 individuals with many diverse backgrounds that ensure recommendations are consistent with the Constitution Amendment. For more information on these individuals click HERE. Applications for this fund must be above $400,000 and meet requirements of the Funding Request.

In addition to the larger grant opportunities, the group also allocates funds annually to the Conservation Partners Legacy (CPL) Grant Program administered by the MN DNR. Organizations can apply for funds with a 10% match starting at $5,000 and up to $400,000. This opened many opportunities for MDHA and other organizations to become more involved. For more information on the CPL Grant Program click HERE.

How is MDHA involved in the Outdoor Heritage Fund?

  • MDHA saw great opportunity with the Conservation Partners Legacy Grants. Any MDHA Chapter throughout the state could apply for funds by spending just 10% of total project costs as match on habitat efforts in their own regions. MDHA Chapters raise money through various fundraising events in their areas. The great thing about the CPL Grant Program is it maximizes the amount of impact MDHA Chapters have in a region. To date, MDHA Chapters have applied for and been approved 58 grants through the CPL program totaling over $3.93 million.
  • Additionally, MDHA applied for and was awarded $2.96 million through two Lessard Sams Outdoor Council Grants. The two phases were for a collaborative effort of many state, private and non-profit organizations to ensure the MN Moose population would strive in MN. Click HERE for more information.
  • MDHA has been recommended funding for the ML 2016 appropriations for over $3.5 million to acquire thousands of acres in Cass and Hubbard counties. Click HERE to read more.
  • More recently, MDHA has applied for and been asked to present on behalf of a project to acquire thousands of acres in St. Louis County. Click HERE for the full request.

MDHA is dedicated to Habitat in MN. As long as funds are available it is our mission to build our hunting and conservation legacy.

Join us in our mission. Click HERE to sign up online today!