From its formation in 1980, the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) has been a vocal advocate on behalf of Minnesota’s deer and deer hunters.

It has a unique role as an advocacy organization on political issues that differentiates MDHA from other deer organizations. To be clear, all of the major deer groups do a number of wonderful things that support habitat, education and the tradition of hunting. But MDHA is truly unique in Minnesota in that it takes clear positions on political issues that are being considered by Congress, the Minnesota Legislature and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR). In contrast, one of the leading national deer organization has a resolution that specifically states it will not become involved (with rare exception) in controversial issues that are decided in political or regulatory venues. The resolution goes on to provide many reasons for declining to become involved in specific issues. The point here is not to criticize other organizations. Rather, it is to emphasize the critically important role that MDHA plays in advocating on behalf of Minnesota’s deer and deer hunters. Think of how underrepresented Minnesota’s deer hunters would be if MDHA didn’t take official positions at the annual Corporate Board meeting and didn’t advocate for those positions at the Capitol through our members’ annual Day on the Hill and our hired lobbyist.

MDHA’s presence at the Capitol is clearly felt and respected.
At MDHA’s 2019 Day on the Hill, MDHA had members actively lobbying legislators all day and dozens of legislators. The legislators actively seek MDHA’s input on deer and natural resources including CWD and deer management funding.
To illustrate the important work that MDHA has done on behalf of Minnesota’s deer and deer hunters, read on to look at a number of issues that MDHA has voiced its views and the results of those efforts. The examples represent some, but not all, of the issues that MDHA has fought for at the Capitol and other venues. MDHA members should take great pride in their efforts and know that no organization has done more for Minnesota’s deer and deer hunters. Let’s continue our efforts and increase our great work!

Advocacy Efforts:

Annual Corporate Board Meeting
Those in attendance at the meeting are:
Resolution & Bylaw Amendment Process