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What is the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association?

Who we are

Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) is a 501 (c) (3), Non-Profit organization that continuously strives to build our hunting and conservation legacy.

Nearly 20,000 members in chapters across this great state support our mission and organization. Get involved by becoming a member today. Join us!


How does MDHA operate?

MDHA has an Executive Board of Directors are volunteers that oversee the Mission and Visions of the organization comprised of the Executive Committee and the Regional Directors. All these volunteers are members of chapters in communities throughout Minnesota. Click HERE for a copy of our most recent Corporate Bylaws to read about how we operate!

Executive Board members during a meeting.
Shown Above: Executive Board members during a Board meeting.

Executive Committee and Regional Directors

  • The Executive Committee oversees the organizations goals and makes decisions that MDHA’s Executive Director carries out.
  • The Regional Directors help all chapters within their boundaries with fundraising and other support measures.






Carlton County Chapter member and volunteer.
Shown Above: Carlton County Chapter member and volunteer.

MDHA Chapters and Members

  • Members are the heart of MDHA. Each member contributes to the mission by sharing their voices, donating funds and getting involved.
  • Chapters are those members that join forces because they want the traditions, comrade and to help raise funds to support the mission.