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Real Estate Gifts

Gifts of land and real estate is a great way to help promote deer hunting for the posterity of our hunting heritage. Every donation of commercial or residential real estate helps support our mission. A deer camp, vacation home, family farm or commercial tract donation can meet both your present and future financial situation. You may receive substantial tax benefits and help facilitate your estate planning.

Become a Corporate Sponsor

MDHA Corporate Sponsors play a crucial role in the future of wildlife and hunting. Their vital funding helps MDHA pursue and achieve our mission.

Donate To The MDHA Endowment Fund


What is an Endowment?

An endowed fund is a permanent fund with sustainable distributions for charitable purposes. The Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation provides a home for endowed funds for the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, a nonprofit organization, as a way of providing for our own long-term sustainability.  Like donor designated funds, nonprofit organization endowments return annual distributions to that nonprofit while the principal continues to grow. Income from endowments is one way for a nonprofit to diversify revenue.  Currently MDHA is reinvesting its interest in the fund

Contributing to MDHA’s existing endowment through the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation is a way for individuals to invest — at any level — in our organizations future.  This money will help MDHA survive and thrive for many years to come and ensure that MDHA is around to continue its mission.

Ways you can support the endowment:

Bequest by Will

You can designate a gift or any portion of your estate to the MDHA and, in many cases, receive a substantial reduction in federal and state gift and estate taxes. 

Retirement Plan Assets

A retirement asset such as an IRA account makes an excellent bequest. By working with the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation the full value of the gift is transferred, tax-free, at your death.

Charitable Distribution from your IRA

If you are age 70½ or older and have an IRA, you can make a direct charitable distribution (up to $100K a year) to a charitable organization without tax penalty. This can be particularly appealing when you consider what to do with your Required Minimum Distribution.  If you do not want or need the income or tax burden that comes with accepting your Required Minimum Distribution, you can transfer it to the Community Foundation and not incur any federal income tax liability.


Cash gifts are a very simple and may be done once or set-up for reoccurring payments. This is an easy way to support the MDHA Endowment at any time.  It is also a great way to honor someone for a good deed or who has recently passed.


Gifts of securities (stocks or bonds). Such gifts often provide tax advantages.

Life Insurance

Life insurance policies also can be used as charitable gifts. You can make MDHA a full or partial beneficiary on your life insurance policy. Upon your death, your gift is placed into the charitable fund.

Donations and bequests are a great way to help sustain MDHA well into the future. If you are interested in any of the above options please contact the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation and tell them you wish to talk about donating to the MDHA endowment fund.  They can be reached at 218-999-9100.

If you wish to make a donation via check at any time, please mail it to the GRACF with MDHA Endowment in the memo line.  The address to send your donation is: 350 NW 1st AVE Suite E, Grand Rapids, MN 55744. 

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