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MDHA Forkhorn Camps allow youth ages 11-17 both options of: five day, overnight camp experience or a day camp experience that far exceeds the normal firearm and bow hunter education programs. The hands on approach gives youth more knowledge, experience, and comfort in the great outdoors and hunting while maintaining the highest safety standards

Forkhorn Summer Camps

Forkhorn I

Ages 11-15
(Contact Each Camp for Age Details)
Includes MN Firearms Safety Certificate
"Forkhorn I" Camps are designed for beginning hunters and provide extensive hands-on instruction of basic firearms safety, shooting techniques in rifle, shotgun, black powder and archery. They also provide hunting tips for both big and small game.
This class includes:
- Firearms Safety Certification Education
- Beginning Rifle, Archery & Shotgun
- Wildlife Management
- Whitetail Deer Ecology
- Outdoor Survival Skills
- Map & Compass Orienteering
- Deer Hunting Techniques
- Safe Shooting Scenarios

Forkhorn II

Ages 12-16
(Contact Each Camp for Age Details)
Includes MN Bow Hunter Certificate
"Forkhorn II" Camp is an advanced Forkhorn Camp for youth who are graduates of “Forkhorn I” or who have completed their Firearms Safety Training. This is a more intense camp, taking students through basic whitetail deer hunting knowledge and strategies as well as providing them with advanced training of:
- Bow Hunting Certification
- Map & Compass Orienteering
- Specialty Hunting Techniques
- Marksmanship Training
- Ethical Hunting Practices
- Big Game Ecology
- Game Preparation

Forkhorn III

Ages 14-17
(Contact Each Camp for Age Details)
Includes Advanced Hunter Certificate
"Forkhorn III" is designed for youth who already have their Firearms Safety Certificate and hunting experience. This camp is designed for those seeking to expand their knowledge of big and small game hunting tips and techniques, as well as hunter ethics.
Topics include:
- Firearms Safety
- Advanced Marksmanship & Wing Shooting Training
- Big & Small Game Biology
- Hunting Techniques
- Bow Hunting Tips
- Tree Stand Safety
- Hunter Ethics & Responsibilities
- Optional: Beginning Handgun Shooting & Safety Training, Shotgun

MDHA Forkhorn Camp Locations

MDHA Forkhorn Camp
Baker Outdoor Learning Center (BOLC)
Maple Plain, MN
MDHA Forkhorn Camp
Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center (EBELC)
Lanesboro, MN
507-467-2437 / 888-800-9558
MDHA Forkhorn Camp
Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center (PWELC)
Spicer, MN
MDHA Forkhorn Camp
Deep Portage Conservation Reserve (DPCR)
Hackensack, MN
218-682-2325 / 888-280-9908
MDHA Forkhorn Camp
Long Lake Conservation Center (LLCC)
Palisade, MN
MDHA Forkhorn Camp
YMCA Youth Camps
Camp Christmas Tree (CCT)
Minnetrista, MN

Forkhorn Camp FAQ

How does a child qualify for a scholarship to MDHA Forkhorn Camp?
To qualify for an MDHA scholarship the child or an immediate family member (parent, grandparent or guardian) must be a current member of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association. Further requirement dependent on your local chapter. If you are not a member click HERE to sign up today. Membership does not guarantee a scholarship. If you are a MDHA member, CONTACT YOUR LOCAL CHAPTER for a scholarship application.
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